Iris: Room Spray - Ella and Iris Home

Iris: Room Spray

Inspired by our Founder’s grandmother, our signature Iris Room Spray is an exquisite blend of iris flowers. Infused with the sweet notes of hyacinth -known for its calming properties- and a touch of violet’s sweet scent, it provides the perfect spring aroma throughout the year.

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Clean House: Room Spray - Ella and Iris Home

Clean House: Room Spray

Capturing the Caribbean tradition of using a touch of citrus fruits when cleaning, our Clean House Room Spray provides a fruity, citrus, and bright fragrance to any room. Maximize the freshness of your home and bring a light, breezy touch of lemons, oranges, and limes to your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.

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Iris: Reed Oil Diffuser - Ella and Iris Home

Iris: Reed Oil Diffuser

Our divine Iris Reed Oil Diffuser is presented in a clear glass design and black reeds to enhance your room as a decorative style and to infuse your home with the light, long-lasting blend of iris, hyacinth, and violent florals. Make your living spaces lovable with a pleasant, calming environment. 

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Ella & Iris Home Clean House Scent Diffuser - Glass Bottle with Yellow Label, Black Cork Top, and Eucalyptus Leaves. There is a Yellow Background with Fruit Images - Aromatherapy Reed Oil Diffuser for a Fresh Home Atmosphere

Clean House: Reed Oil Diffuser

Our Clean House Reed Oil Diffuser is a flameless option to disperse an exquisite fragrance throughout your favorite spaces. This blend of lemons, limes, and oranges brings light, breezy citrus notes wherever you leave it. Dried eucalyptus plants infusing the oil with their aromatic properties are elegantly highlighted, perfect for any space!

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