Ingredients Matter

Ingredients Matter

As we learn more about the impacts of certain chemicals on the body, people are becoming more vigilant about the ingredients in their beauty, food, and cleaning products. It is important that what we use to care for our bodies and our homes are doing us good and not harming us.

Ella & Iris Home diffusers and room sprays are manufactured using non-toxic ingredients that have been tested and approved to use worldwide.

Our room sprays are made from deionized water, solvent, and essential oils for fragrance. And, our diffusers are made of solvent and essential (fragrance) oils.

The solvent used is DPMA which blends the ingredients and allows the fragrance to release. It is often used in cosmetics and other personal use products, like perfumes.

Because no flame is needed to release our product’s fragrances, the harmful effects that come from some other forms of scenting your home are no threat to you or your family.❤️

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