How to Get the Most Out of Your Reed Diffuser

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reed Diffuser

 A reed diffuser is a great way to subtly fragrance your home without having to remember to light a candle. They are low maintenance and can last for months, but the scent might not seem as strong as you would like. Don't worry, there are some simple tricks you can use to get stronger scent from your reed diffuser! Read on to learn more.

Flip the Reeds Regularly

Flipping the reeds will help disperse the oils in your diffuser and make sure that new areas of the reeds come into contact with the oil, allowing them to absorb it. This will also help keep your reeds looking fresh and prevent them from clumping together. We suggest flipping your reeds every few days or when you feel like the scent has faded slightly.


Rotate Scents

If you use one scent in your diffuser for too long, eventually it will start to fade away and be less intense than when you first put it in. To keep your home smelling fresh, we recommend rotating different scents in and out of your diffuser so that each one gets a chance to shine! You can switch up fragrances seasonally or just keep a few different ones handy so that you can change things up whenever you want.

Keep It Out Of Direct Sunlight

This one should be obvious but it’s worth mentioning - direct sunlight can cause fragrances to fade faster, so it’s best to keep your reed diffusers away from windows or other sources of direct sunlight. If possible, try keeping it out of any areas with high levels of humidity as this can also make fragrances fade faster than they normally would.


A reed diffuser is an easy way to add subtle scents throughout your home without having to remember to light candles or buy new air fresheners every few weeks. With these tips, now you know exactly how to get the most out of yours! From flipping the reeds regularly and rotating scents often, to making sure it isn’t exposed too much direct sunlight — these tricks will ensure that your home stays smelling great all year round! So go ahead and give them a try today!


Happy diffusing!


Author Bio:

Felicia is a home fragrance expert and founder of the luxury home scent brand, Ella & Iris Home Home. She loves helping people create inviting homes through the power of scent and believes that fragrances can have a truly transformative effect on mood and wellbeing.

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