Easy Care Tips for Your Ella & Iris Home Room Sprays

Easy Care Tips for Your Ella & Iris Home Room Sprays

Picture this: You step into your home, and a gentle breeze of scents welcomes you. It’s like a hug from your cozy space, enveloping you in comfort. That’s the magic of Ella & Iris Home Room Spray in Iris and Clean House scents, and we are here to share some tips on how to maintain these wonderful aromas for a fresh atmosphere every single time.

Let’s start with the Ella & Iris Home Iris Scent Room Spray

This fragrance is like a stroll through a blooming garden of lavender, iris, and hyacinths on a spring morning. To keep your space feeling as invigorating as that first whiff, follow these simple steps:

1. Regular Spritzing - A spritz a day keeps the stale odors away! Make it a part of your daily routine to give your room a quick spray. Pro Tip: Spritz your Ella & Iris Home Iris Scent Room Spray  on areas that tend to trap odors, like curtains and upholstery.  

2. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight - Just like you wouldn’t leave a delicate flower in direct sunlight, avoid placing your Ella & Iris Home Room Sprays in sun-drenched spots. Sunlight can alter the fragrance composition over time so find a cozy place to store it.

3. Lightly Scented Linens - Add a touch of luxury to your linens by giving them a gentle spritz of the Iris Scent Room Spray to add freshness to your bed and couch. 


Now, think of zesty lemon notes combined with the crispness of freshly laundered lines. That’s Ella & Iris Home Clean House Scent Room Spray - like bottling the refreshing essence of a clean and tidy home.

To maintain this aura, consider these easy care tips:

1. Post-Cleaning Ritual: After you’ve worked your cleaning routine, give your space an extra sprinkle of citrus scents with the Ella & Iris Home Clean House Scent Room Spray. It’s like the cherry on top of your cleaning routine. 

 2. Store in a Cool Place - Like a breeze on a summer day, your Clean House Room Spray prefers a cool and dry storage spot. Avoid areas with extreme temperature fluctuations

These are the keys to maintaining your favorite Ella & Iris Home Room Sprays. With a little care and love, you can ensure that your home is always wrapped in the embrace of these aromas from Ella & Iris Home.
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