Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month with Ella & Iris Home

Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month with Ella & Iris Home


Caribbean Heritage Month


June is Caribbean Heritage Month, and at Ella & Iris Home, we're excited to celebrate the vibrant culture that inspires our fragrances. Our scents are more than just aromas—they reflect our founder’s family heritage and the essence of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Heritage Month honors the rich history and lively traditions of the Caribbean community. It’s a time to appreciate the music, food, and resilient spirit that make the Caribbean so special.

Our Signature Scents

Our two signature scents, Iris and Clean House, are infused with Caribbean charm and family memories.

Iris Scent

Inspired by our founder’s grandmother, Iris, this calming blend of lavender, iris, violet leaves, hyacinth, and lily of the valley brings a gentle, soothing touch to any space.

Clean House Scent

This fresh, vibrant mix of lemon, orange, lime, pineapple, and cinnamon captures the essence of a lively Caribbean home, creating an airy and invigorating atmosphere.

Inspired by our founder’s grandmothers, “Ella” and “Iris”, our products have Caribbean-influenced fragrant touches that bring tranquility and calm to the places you work, play, and relax in. With Ella & Iris Home fragrances, you can bring the warm, welcoming feel of the Caribbean into your home. Our scents are designed to boost your mood without overpowering your senses.

Join us in celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month! Discover our collection here and celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month with scents that remind you of your favorite memories. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on special promotions and new releases.

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