Achieving Bachelor Pad Bliss with Ella & Iris Home

Achieving the Ultimate Bachelor Pad with Ella & Iris Home

Achieving a blissful living space is all about style and comfort, and it’s not just women who can appreciate style, comfort, and a space that reflects their personality

In this blog, we’re turning our attention to the bachelors among us, whether you’re a young professional or a bachelor at heart, this blog is your guide to achieving Bachelor Pad Bliss.

Ella & Iris Home - A space that reflects your personality


  • Minimalism - Keep your decor sleek and minimalistic. Less clutter means more space to relax. Invest in multi-functional furniture to maximize your available space.
  • Smart Home Gadgets - Make your life easier and more enjoyable with the latest technology and entertainment such as smart speakers, mood lighting, and voice-activated controls. 
  • Artistic Flair - Although we aim for a less cluttered space, you can still add a touch of art to your space with paintings or photography that resonates your personality and that can also add an accent to your pad.

Your bachelor pad should reflect your unique style. With Ella & Iris Home fragrances, you can add that final touch of sophistication and comfort to create your ultimate bachelor pad dream.


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